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Default Re: Qustion about Liniage (sp?)

Originally Posted by Hans
I think that's axactly what the (read: AIVAS) did, Edith

DNA research will certainly not be conclusive with such a relative small population and for sure not with the major Holder families whom, I trust, became all interrelated by at least marriage over the centuries.

As for the earlier statement about the number of years in whcih able to do research. Remember Pernese wrote on hide, so, exactly like our oldest records
Here on mainland Europe the oldest records like that I have held, read and researched were dating back to the 9th century. Their legibility was virtually perfect but... the fact that they were always stored under reasonable circumstances, the last 100 under perfect conditions, must be mentioned. So roughly we could expect that Holf records dating back to about Moreta's time should be in existence and readable. Some references to Harper Hall records give the impression that the have even older records, especially because it's known that students there had to copy old records onto new hide.

but there is a big differnece between HAVING them and KNOWING about them, for the general population. How many people on Earth today know what was happenning in the 9th century? Very few. Even about just over a century ago then people have massive misconceptions about an era or event that happenned. There may be the documents, but that does not mean that they are understood.

Also, the Records in Hold are not kept in the perfect conditions which historial documents here are kept. Only the Harper Hall would be likely to have the ability to look after their records properly, and not even they would be perfect!
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