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Default Re: What would your Pernese job-description be?

Originally Posted by mawra View Post
I think that glasses would have been on Pern. Also you "hear" dragons in your head, telapathicly. Not with your ears, so needing hearing aids would not be a problem for a dragon rider.

I spent most of my adult life as a pet groomer. Now I am a stay at home mom.
On Pern I would have done something with animals. If not dragons than horses. I would have wanted to live whare it is warm, near the ocean. Before the re-discovery of the dolphins, I would have probably worked in abeast hold. After dolphins, then I would have done ANYTHING to work with them.
I wish I knew more about dolphins than I do.

Can't rely on the dragon all the time... Dragon would have to be awake, and listening. And maw, to hear you in a normal conversation, without my hearing aids, we'd have to be almost intimately close, with your nose practically in my left ear. Understand? At that, you'd either have to have a very clear voice or I'd have to know it well enough to get the gist of of what you were saying.
Try doing that in a crowd. It becomes about 10 times harder. I don't even like to talk at meals because even with my aid on it's hard to follow conversations.
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