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Default Re: Ral Partha Bronze Dragon of Pern

Oh that sounds fantastic Bruce...what a brilliant idea...your *Ral Partha* would certainly be a *ONE OF A KIND*.
Only... [IMO] I think I would go ahead and put the rider on it anyways...
Ruth without his Jaxom, would just be t o o sad.

Here's hoping that you don't have to work t o o hard...but if I may... just a small personal comment...for some of us,
the postal delivery people are like *Santa's Helpers* delivering lots and lots of goodies for everyone to enjoy the holidays.

My heartfelt thank you to all the wonderful Santa Helpers, who work at all the Post Offices...all over the world.

I am so happy for you...for a Pern Lover...a dragon... no matter what size, is always the most wonderful of gifts.

Here's hoping that my personal Santa, brings me another dragon too...there's always room for another one or two more...
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