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Default Re: Ral Partha Bronze Dragon of Pern

So I finally had a chance to open up my Ral Partha Bronze dragon. I've been delayed by too many things. First, a young lady I worked with a the Post Office was killed in a one car rollover. She was only 26, and leaves behind a 5 year old daughter. There was a viewing and then the funeral. Very sad! Next was my youngest son's Bday, he turned 24. Then there has just been to much mail to deliver. Tons of catalogues right now, to be followed by all the packages that people will be ordering, and I will be delivering from now till Xmas.
Anyways, the statue of the dragon is incredible. Great detail and craftsmanship. Also very heavy for it's size, but to be expected as it is metal. All the pieces, box and instructions are just like the pics I have seen before, but now I have One in my own two hands.
One thing I have been thinking about was the painting of the dragon. Now there has been some great suggestions, but I had sort of a different idea. I love The White Dragon and I'm kicking around the idea of painting my "bronze" dragon WHITE! I would not attach the included riders as they are on scale for a full size dragon, but would have my dragon stand alone as my own personal "Ruth". Something I'm pondering.
I'm going to check out some of the local hobby shops for supplies and see what I need. The painting would probably not happen till after the 1st of the year, as this is my busy time, but something to look forward to.
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