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Default Dragon Locomotion

New here, but I had some curiosities, mainly in the form of Dragon Locomotion. Specifically? On the ground.

Dragons seem to have been described as having a strange hop-skip walk, due to the size of their hind-legs. I made a model of a Pern Dragon recently, and as I went to animate it I sat and thought for a moment.

If a Pern Dragon were to swing their hind-legs up while their front legs remained on the ground then all that extra weight of the wings and chest muscles would quiet likely crush their tiny little arms. So any typical gallop would not be able to be used.

A normal quadrupedal walk could probably be possible, but I'm not entirely sure on that as I'm not an expert on locomotion.

So I came up with this strange thing:

At any given point of time there is always a rear foot on the ground to support the weight. Especially when the front legs contact the ground, so i would assume that there would be less shock transferred through the front legs with this half walk half gallop sort of motion?

So in the end you still get that characteristic awkward hop-skip motion of a Pern Dragon.

What do you guys think? Is this a plausible form of locomotion?

Are there any other forms of movement of a Pern Dragon you'd like to see?
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