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Story Arc

Starts on Barevi with the opening of a new Terran Enclave. This Enclave is the brainchild of many and represents a new era in Earth -Catteni relationships. This event is so important that an all day celebration is slated. The Catteni Council are to be among the first official visitors to the site.

Underlying this frivolity is the chance for the Catteni Council and the newly formed Terran Space Admiralty to meet and discuss problems besetting the two races.

They initially meet in a what was the original underground dwelling. During this meeting the two races outline the problems confronting them. These include not only the rebuilding of Earth but the reclaiming of Earth's stolen people and treasures. The Catteni reveal that they are having problems with Rassi uprisings, rebellion led by Perizec among the Emassi who wanted a return of the Eosi and finally the threat of the Eosi themselves who were proving to be more resourceful than was hoped.

Although the Emassi were no strangers to plot and intrigue, the experts from the Admiralty, led by Ray Scott have all of Earth's long history in war to draw from and develop strategies.

Among the people of importance at the opening ceremonies for the Terran Enclave are the twin grandaughters of Nitin and Milista. It was the kidnapping of the two girls, last of Nitin's line, to serve in the Eosi Harem (a event that occurred only after an Eosi had regenerated through Subsumation)that originally caused Nitin to join the Catteni uprising against the Eosi.

Once taken Catteni girls were traditionally considered dead to their families. As the story unfolds it shows that the girls hold two secrets that will change the direction of their whole people. The first secret is how they and five others escaped the Eosi compound where they were held.

We then swap to the back story of Nilista and Milistin, picking up where they have escaped to Earth to be away from the Eosi that would surely hunt and kill them. They are in India. Whilst there they were contacted by Hassan Moussa who, on return to Earth, has been recruited into finding out about these women, why and how they got to Earth. Hassan, under orders from the Co-ords, grooms the women to become the centre of a growing media storm as Earth uses them to prove that it was the Eosi who were the prime villains in the pillage of Earth.

This becomes a story of a journey by women as they slowly become emancipated from the conditioning of their childhood culture.

The story returns to Barevi and the celebrations going on that day. There are attempts on the lives not only of the Catteni Council but the entire compound. This is foiled.

The Catteni women are recruited, along with some of the best burglars on Earth to break back into the abandoned Eosi compounds. They discover some of the secrets of the Eosi.
Paxel and Nilista are trapped by an Eosi. They learn of the plan by the Eosi to launch a fleet aimed at conquering Catteni worlds again.
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