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Originally Posted by Cheryl View Post
She touched so many lives and will, no doubt, positively affect so many more as new generations discover her words. It goes far beyond merely being entertained by reading her books; so many fans speak of getting through a troublesome adolescence or other dark time in their lives. For myself it has meant friendships, some of which are truly deep and abiding, as well as stepping outside my comfort zone to travel to huge fan gatherings or just travel abroad.

I'm so glad I got the chance to meet her on several occasions, with the greatest of those being in her own home.

It is fitting that my father is here visiting at the moment, since he introduced me to Anne's writing via Dragonflight at age 12.

My condolences to Alec, Todd, Gigi, and all her grandchildren. Rest in peace Anne.
I am in tears because she gave me such wonderful stories and now I will no longe wait in expatiation for her next book.
Amen to what Cheryl said Rest in peace
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