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I am writing a fan fic centered around the Freedom series and in it the Eosi are protagonists again.

The logic underpinning this is thus:-

Where did the Eosi come from? They had only been "altering" the Catteni for around 1,000 years then what were they before that? Are they a race of parasitic intelligences that breed suitable hosts? How big is the Eosi empire and is Catten only one small arm of it?

Even without making the Eosi into a Freedom version of the Goa'uld from Stargate, there were still the Eosi who were left alive after the coup. Given the tenacity of the Ix Mentat would the others have fled the Empire or would they be working with still loyal members of the Catteni elite to regain control?

Within Catten itself there must be those who are dissaffected by the loss of thier own power base. Zainal's own sire Perizec whould scarcely be in love with the idea of no more Eosi.
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