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Just been reading these books so this is a fun topic. Brawn fixation is much more of just a passion/physical thing more than it was adoration, wasn't it? I think Helva/Jennan had a healthy adoration and the beginning of the Niall relationship was based on Niall's fixation or perversion. That turned into something else eventually but that's what it seemed to be to me.

Helva was certainly concerned enough by the problem that she was on edge about it, so it must have at least been considered a real threat by the central worlds to program it into the brains to react. So I guess the "Cooped up in a tin can for weeks or months with only another mind for company, and the 'marriage' extending for deacdes, wouldn't any of us form a deep and meaningful attachment?" you mentioned would be the most apt. I'd just say it's not quite a meaningful attachment, it's physical sex drive.
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