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Default Re: Eurocon 2007 - lots of pictures

Originally Posted by Hans View Post
My main question remains:
Who is this guy and WHERE CAN I SEE HIS MOVIE??
Since it was my picture, I've searched my other pictures to see if there are any clues, and I found this gem:

Hurray! I did get a picture of Sara and Anne at the same time.

Here's a close up of the mystery man (sorry it's not a good picture of you Hans ):

Does anyone recognise him? Who has some fantastic photo processing software that will allow us to read his badge? Or perhaps I'm overdoing it...

Lady M, if you like the photo I can send you the full-sized version. And I can send the other version to you, Sara, if you're interested.

Steven (or Kevin as the EuroCON blogs would have you believe... )
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