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Default Re: Possibilities of draconic space research

I don't think they get high, probably, but NASA doesn't tell anyone.;-) . I do know that before and after a space walk they have take about 1-2 hours acclimate to the atmosphere used in the suit. Weather that's the pressure and or actual content, I have to look that up. Add the two hours per entry/exit to his/her 6-8 hour space walk, that's a wickedly long day.

On Pern, rhe humans who'd be working on affixing a finished dome would have to do the pressurization step before and after their space walks. I don't think they'd have the dragons in space suits they'd hate being closed in a suit with their wings being hampered. They'd have to religaited to between trips up and back transporting.

Now what is the maximum distance one can 'go between'? Has someone made it to one of the moons? I do know they'd made it to one of the ships in orbit. (Note to self: buy the book and read HOW they did that one.)
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