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Default Re: Collecting Highlight (13) - Alien Landscapes

Like Maelin I bought a hardcover first not long after Cheryl did this highlight.

I recently acquired a German language softcover, too: "Unter fremden Sonnen" (under alien suns).

data on this edition:
Published by Moewig Verlag KG, Rastatt
Translated by Klaus Mann
Copyright 1980 by Moewig Verlag KG
Redaktion: G.M.Schelwokat
Printed in Italy (Milan)
ISBN 3-8118-2005-2

I also found out, by finally finding an affordable copy of Les Edwards' only (hardcover) book Blood & Iron that he did the artwork for the cover! A smaller total view of the cover appears on page 79:

And this is the cover of that book:

The original artwork shows more and is wider than the bookcover.

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