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Going back to the earliest postings, The mobility within a hold depended on the hold management. Nabol under Meron and Ruatha under Fax were prime examples of how drudges were in effect slave labor. I seem to recall Jayge and the Lilcamps also being afforded drudge status, or similar, at the beginning of Present Pass. But except for those there seemed to be little mention of actual drudges. Half-Circle had an all hands work at everything needed attitude. The Harper Hall did indeed have Camo as a drudge, but the rest of the kitchen staff were not mentioned as drudges. I think the closest mention of a drudge in later books was in All the Weyrs, The girl at the gather, who was later taken on at Ruatha. For the most part it after dragonflight, and Dragondrums, it seemed all hands worked at all tasks, rider, holder, or craftsman. not much left to unskilled labor.
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