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Default Re: Where in the World #177

Originally Posted by Greenrider Tresa View Post
Well, on looking again, that section sticking out the side does look like a side view of a guitar. I found a very similar picture, except it was a wider view and didn't include the awning. First time I've gotten one in a while.

Hans, to be fair to Ginny, looking up music exhibition centers didn't turn up anything. I started checking each remaining state near the Great Lakes before I found it.
Thanks for the suport. There Treas. I could tell member were getting close and I found out I can find the site. I was just trying to tell everyone it was realted to music and histoy.

They have a lot to do there, DJ went there on a trip before I meet him.

So he is one who took the shot. That why I asked for just the name of it.
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