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Originally Posted by Kugai View Post
Which one Han, or is it all of them?
Kugai, I only have most of the real Old KT archived, the BB board (started 17 years ago by Alec Johnson, Anne's son, after the movie company Alliance Atlantis, who had the movie rights at the time, started the very first forum). With that we also had a chatroom, remember? Those were the good times, when Anne herself came into chat and we had character polls which Alec started but I took over and designed the graphics for.

Later we changed to VBB (like this board). There weren't many new issues and questions in this period and that was the reason I archived all the old stuff. Not sure if I archived that, I was Anne's webmaster by that time and working together with Alec. I was only involved with designing and setting up Anne McCaffrey Fans Forum for a few weeks.
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