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Default Re: What is happening

We're supposedly "marine temperate" here - latitude is 41.28 South. I moved here from Tauranga, north-facing, sea level and with a "Mediterranean" climate at 37.68 South. Both are supposedly American plant hardiness zone 10. There the similarity ends. At this time of the year you'd expect Tauranga's temperatures to range from -3c to anything up to +17c - with the occasional polar blast reaching that far via the mountains of the North Island's central plateau. I have seen it snow in Tauranga - by the time I realised those white floaty dots were not a hallucination it had stopped.

Here in Wellington Central there is often no discernable diurnal range. According to my computer it's 11c - 52F at 12.47AM, and the expected high for today is only 13c - 55F. (I just discovered that my weather forecast app switches from one to the other.) BUT - Wellington is in a place where the entire roaring 40s are trying to get through Cook Strait. That can switch to a southerly any time of the day and the temperature will plummet within seconds. Many older New Zealand homes are not weathertight, insulated or properly heated, meaning that inside temperature is the same as whatever is outside.

Meanwhile the people who run our ski fields are all jumping around with glee at getting such a substantial dump of snow. Now all we need is some fine weather to enjoy it!
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