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Default Weyr Book of Ista

I've never been a super serious collector or completist.(single mom,and darn those kids expect to be fed more than once a day! )

I own all the series in hardcover. And I have the companion books. And both role playing games the Mayfair and Nova.

But never was interested in multiple editions etc. Which is probably a good thing since I married a man two years ago with 3,000 books.

Any way I've had art projects for years in various stages. And The Weyrbook of Ista had the colors for various holds/crafthalls.
Cheryl was kind enough to post a list of the major years ago(2005)
So I dropped her a note asking if she could send along the info for the minor.

So while surfing the other day I put in Weyr Book of Ista and I found an ebay listing!! Sooo I have my very own copy,that arrived today

A treasure trove of info. I'm going to be one happy, busy camper.
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