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Default Re: What is happening

This one is quite piercing and is far louder than the diminutive size would suggest. Plus I already had it in stock. Long term I may consider further upgrades, but this will do for now.

While I didn't actually have the opportunity to do anything to the car today, two very important parts have now arrived.

While my wallet may now be £200 lighter, I've got three nice new tyres on the wheels.

I'm really happy with how in period those tyres look.

The other thing to turn up is this bundle of fuel hose.

It's worth noting that I've kind of lost patience with hoses starting to disintegrate virtually as soon as they're fitted, so I may have resorted to slight overkill.

Let's see how that lasts shall we? Only downside is that with the pipe walls being about twice the thickness of the ones on there I'm going to need to get a bunch more hose clips.

I'll get the wheels back on tomorrow (she's currently sitting on three very flat tyres) and get the fuel hoses routed properly so that's all ready for the fuel tank when it turns up - which should with a bit of luck be in the next couple of days.

So a short update (by my standards anyway!) this one, but quite important items to have ticked off.

Aside from my usual automotive rambling, all of you over there in the US, you take care and stay safe with that crazy weather that's coming through just now, okay?
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