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Default Re: What is happening

So a couple of days ago our fridge freezer decided to lose interest in cooling. Of course when it was chock full of stuff for Christmas and New Year. Cue frantically scrambling to get stuff into what's normally used as the drinks fridge these days (the main one came with the house) and the chest freezer in the garage and the fridge in the camper. We *just* managed to cram everything in. The fault was pretty quickly traced to a failed relay. £2.02 including delivery had a new one here, and fitting it took about 15 minutes. No chance you would get someone to come and repair a 15 year old fridge over here these days, so the vast majority of households would have wound up binning this for the sake of that relay.

New unit of equivalent spec these days over here would set you back around £800.

Obviously while it was empty and I wasn't rushing to get stuff done before things defrosted I'd have been daft not to give it a really good deep clean once it was fixed before putting stuff back in.

I actually quite enjoy getting stuff looking factory fresh so enjoyed this more than I probably should.

Back to the cars...

Speaking of cleaning things, the windscreen washer bottle was given a thorough clean and reinstated. The pipework will be more tidily routed in due course once I've finished messing with the wiring up above.

We all remember this ugly looking monstrosity?

I finally ran out of patience with it shedding blue powder all over everything whenever you went anywhere near it.

Much better. Funny how perceptually this makes it feel far closer to a working vehicle from the driver's seat despite being such a minor detail. Handlebars will be given a coat of hammered black paint at some point in the future too, obviously.

Have also picked up some hardener to go wish the resin and glass fibre matting I already have in stock, so am all set to make a start on some of the real bodywork jobs now.

I did however totally forget to pick up a new mastic gun to apply the gutter sealant with...which is what I actually went out for in the first place.
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