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Default Re: What is happening

Snow I can deal with so long as it's sane amounts. Unfortunately I now live in the middle of the city, so have to watch everyone around me behaving like it's the end of the world when we have a quarter of an inch of the stuff.

This evening I was very much enjoying the whole being able to mess around with my project car in the warmth of the garage.

[] Refitted now thoroughly cleaned front indicator lenses. Output is vastly improved now there are no longer insect nests in them.

[] Removed non-functional windscreen wiper mechanism and established the cable has seized inside the guide tube. Have left it soaking in penetrating oil overnight.

[] Rediscovered the fact I still need to properly wire in the new fuse box.

[] Answered the question of whether the dash needs to come out to inspect and if necessary repair any wiring.

That crusty bit of terminal strip is in the main live feed to the ignition switch. Oh, and I can see another terribly done crimp terminal on the ignition switch - through which every milliamp for everything aside from the headlights flows.

Needs properly sorting, especially given the "minimalist" approach to fusing in the car (two fuses total originally).

Should be a good opportunity to swap the dash for one that's not cracked on the top at least.

Weather has also reminded me that finding some additional ducting is on the to do list as I'm missing two bits of it. One that runs from the engine fan cowling to the heat exchanger built into the exhaust. Thankfully the stuff from the heat exchanger to the air distribution control box and into the cabin are all there - as is the box. Given that those are apparently like gold dust I count myself lucky.
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