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Poster's Note: I had originally created a better story to introduce myself (rather what I thought was good). However, I decided to have "doubt" within myself and I spell checked my story. Consequently, that downloaded a spell check program resulting in a complete shut down of I.E. Explorer. Obviously my work was lost. Therefore you recieve this:

I was searching within my mother's attic, searching for anything that would help me. Loathing to find the one piece which would bring my family back, I caught a glimpse of light within the corner of my right eye. I made a sharp 90 degree turn while focusing in on a dusty stack of boxes. As I walked torwards the gleam of light receeding from the bottom box, a cobweb coated past my face. Using my hand I rapidly wiped my face, cobweb sticking to it. Stuttering, I knelt towards that box, picking it up and wiping off the dust. The light dimmed for just a second, then brightened brighter then any light known within the human race. Instantly a voice appears singing:

My nightly craft is winged in white;
A dragon of night-dark sea.
Swiftborn, dream-bound and rudderless;
Her captain and crew are me.

I sail a hundred sleeping tides
Where no seaman's ever been
And only my white-winged craft and I
Know the marvels that we have seen.

I awaken at once with my hands glued tightly to a manuscript. No knowing what I had, I stood up and proceeded into the light which was beaming faintly from a skylight above. The book read Pern Portfolio labeled June 1978 Vol. 1 No. 1. Within the back, focused a signature on top of "A Lady and Her Dragon" unknown to me. Could this be the thing I've been searching for? Could this finally be it?? Who will help me to discover what it is I've come across?
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