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It is not whether any "age-gap" relationship she has written that is suspect, which can always be debated, but how many large age gaps she features throughout her books in her main characters.

Along with Molly, Sally, Damia and Tirla in the talent novels, we have
Carlyle in Mark of Merlin
Serina in The Lady
Menolly (who "settled" for Sebell but seriously loved the Masterharper first)
Nialla in Ring of Fear
Theo in First Fall
Note she killed off Moreta who was a direct exception to the relationship power differential and married Alessan to needy young Nerilka

and I'm sure there are more. There's a real trend here, and whatever the reason, McCaffrey is very comfortable with this sort of relationship where any conflict due to age is ignored or denied as biased.

Whereas in reality, there is usually a story behind any two people who establish a relationship with an age gap larger than XX (you choose) instead of with a relative peer with an even power and responsibility balance. That backstory does not have to be creepy, but it usually is highly relevant to the progress of the relationship.
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