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Default Re: Afra: Questionable attraction?

The whole topic was brought back to me while reading another, non SF series, in this other series (Campion by Margery Allingham) the character meets the girl he eventually marries when she is 17 and he's in his mid-thirties in a book set and written in the 1930s. The plot of the book revolves around her being the overt hero- doing the rescuing and "borrowing" things, while he has to go under cover.
Interestingly, he thinks he's too old and it is she who comes up with the "plans".

She's not in the stories between (there are a LOT of books and she turns up right until the end) but the next time she turns up it's a good few years later (forgotten how many but it's WW2 and near the beginning) and she's broken off the engagement. Campion has lost his memory- it's a weird but brilliant book- wonderfully detached at times, and he doesn't know this to start with. By the end of the book, she's broken off the new relationship- can't remember why but there's a reason other than "he's back and I remember that I love him really"- ah, I remember- he's the villain! and marries him.
Now the interesting thing is that the relationship is (and remember this is the 30s/40s when things weren't always so) definitely an equal one and she's often the one in charge- she also has a career and carries it on even into the last book, despite a small family.

It would be intersting to compare the two types Afra/Damia and this one.
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