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The Diana Tregarde books comes first, and then the only real overlap is in a couple of references at the start of the SERRAted Edge series to events that take place in Knight of Ghosts and Shadows. But here is a rough chronological reading order, as best I can remember:

Burning Water
Children of the Night
Jinx High (cameo by Tannim)
Bedlam Boyz (introduces Kayla and Elizabeth)
Knight of Ghosts and Shadows (1st books about Eric, cameo by Kayla and Elizabeth)
Summoned to Tourney (2nd book about Eric)
Born to Run (1st book about Tannim and Fairgrove Industries elves, mentions events in KoGS)
Stone Souls (2nd book about Fairgrove Industries elves, direct connection to events in Born to Run)
Wheels of Fire (3rd book about Fairgrove Industries elves)
Chrome Circle (2nd book about Tannim, direct connection to events in Wheels of Fire)
When the Bough Breaks (4th book about Fairgrove Industries elves)

Then there is a bit of a time jump, and the rest of the books are set something like 15 years later:
Beyond World's End (3rd book about Eric)
Spirits White as Lightning (4th book about Eric)
Mad Maudlin (5th book about Eric)
Music to My Sorrow (6th book about Eric)

There is also an anthology, which I haven't read, titled Bedlam's Edge. As I understand it, none of the characters already in the variosu series are present in those stories.
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