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Originally Posted by GHarris View Post
You neglected the context of my quote. Getting electricity in the empty hull of the Yokohama. Electricity near a vacuum. And the best vacuum would be in an exposed cargo hold of the Yokohama.

While the dam may provide electricity, you can't get that electricity up to the Yokohama very easily.[...]
Oops! My mistake. Sorry about that
Indeed a dam would be no good to power a spaceship... Unless you can build a dam in space powered by thread falls
Out of solar panels, and considering whatever fuel moved the spaceships is definitvely gone or too old to use, there is no way one can produce power.

Yet, why talking about Titanium when Silicium is the main material used for photovoltaic solar panels? As this element is present in sand, there is a great potential here. Of course, using silicium for power purpose is not easy for the limited technology on Pern. But with AVIAS, Pernese have all the information they need to reach this goal.
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