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Default Re: Titanium on Pern

GH, this is totally what I can remember off the top of my head, without looking anything up. I just wanted you to be aware. :-)

And my feeling is YES there are functioning solar panels on the Yoko, because in ATWOP they had to re-activate them again before they could use the ship. That's what Farli was sent up there to do; she had to switch on the panels to make energy to oxygenate the bridge and hold. She got confused, so Ruth went, too.

And on the titanium issue- thanks Danel! I actually don't know a lot (anything) about the processing of titanium, but I'm very well aquainted with the advantages of the metal! I'll be honest, my primary concerns are ultra-ultra light weight, efficiency, and absolute indestructibility. I want to be able to go anywhere, including but not limited to outer space.

Dreaming again? Maybe. . .
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