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Default Re: Titanium on Pern

Originally Posted by Weyrlady View Post
Science isn't exactly my area of expertise, so I didn't really understand some of what they did in AtWoP; I'm just a happy Pern fan.However, some where in that book (some grad student I am, right? That's so vague.), there is a mention by a trader-type person of wagon axles that are about impossible to break and really lightweight, and that the Smithcraft made them specially using formulas and processes that they had just found out about using AIVAS. The way that I see it, the trader's magic axles either have to be something like titanium or some kind of plastic.
As the usual alternative would be iron or wood, my guess is for aluminium. The downside of that is that processing the bauxite is a real bitch on the environment, but perhaps AIVAS knew something we don't?
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