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Default Re: AMCF site down.

Originally Posted by Cheryl
I get that some folks are quite distresseda about AMCF being down, and MoM is quite happy to open it's doors to those in AMCF withdrawal, even knowing that most will disappear once AMCF is back up (though everyone is welcome to stay!). But it's really the height of boorish behavior to moan about where you'd rather be than here.
You know, Cheryl, I would like to apologize for even appearing to take advantage of you and your site. You are a very gracious lady to open your doors (in a figurative sense of course) and shelter us when the NKT is down.

I do enjoy your site, and as I explained before, I feel badly that I'm not so good about visiting other sites.

Thank you for your help and for your hospitality.
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