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Default Re: Relative size of major holds.

Anne made Pern and put people on it. Regrettably, where there are people, there will be fighting. Not that the 'wars' would be big ones, however. Mostly feuds and herd beast raids.
Armsmen act as police as well as soldiers, so every Hold would have some. They would probably be small in number. A company of men would be 25-30 men, and a Major Hold would have one acting as garrison and police. There are several references to border guards, Nerilka's Story has one, IIRC.

The history of Nabol says that it was a larger Hold, with a western seaport. It lost that to Ruatha with some other territory, but gained Keogh Hold from Crom. That alone suggests that there was fighting in that area.

Also the Holders Revolt has several Lord Holders leading forces against the Weyr. If each brought only one hundred men, that would be a 'large' army by Pernese standards.
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