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Default Re: (Potential Adult Topic) Dragons Sexual Selection

Originally Posted by GHarris View Post
The only thing that this theory does not account for is why no green dragons ever just walk over to a gold candidate, if sex is more important than personality. If gender were that important, it seems like there would be stories of a gold candidate getting picked by a green, or more stories like Mirrim.

Maybe they have and we haven't seen it? We've only been treated to a small number of the hatching that have taken place on Pern, and a look at only about a third to maybe half of the Passes.

Also, one of the factors I've cited is proximity, and also "broadcasting" or "transmitting" emotionally. As far as proximity is concerned, the queen eggs is usually set apart from the others. As far as "broadcasting/transmitting" is concerned, the girls around the queen egg have their minds on the queen, not a green.
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