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Default Re: Why was Lessa's talent at hearing dragons important?

Remember, at the time F'lar is planning to use Lessa as air-traffic-control, she wasn't expected to be in combat. Ever. So why would he think Ramoth would be following combat in the air? Benden hadn't enough queens to field a Queens' wing in generations. And they're new to Threadfighting, too - they have no way of knowing yet that their dragons are capable of giving them a running commentary of how the battle goes by 'listening in'.

I assume that after Lessa brought the Weyrs forward, F'lar would have the opportunity to see active combat from experienced Weyrleaders and dropped the need.

By the way, that decision of Todd's, that a Weyr doesn't field a Queens' wing unless there are at least three in the Weyr is odd, given what we're shown of the Queens' wing's traditional duties. (Who catches injured dragons when they fall? Who aids the ground crew in finding Thread strikes?) On the other hand, it explains why the Queens' wing at the end of Dragonflight is every queen on Pern - Benden can't field a wing of its own yet, and Lessa and Kylara need to be trained in their combat duties.

ETA: Obviously, the priority of maintaining breeding strength means that the Weyrleader just eats the losses of dragons who crash and die. No comfort to the grunts serving in his wings, but then I suppose if a Weyr during pass can't field a Queens' wing they've got big problems.

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