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Default Re: Why was Lessa's talent at hearing dragons important?

Originally Posted by Shalyn View Post
Again, why couldn't Mnementh broadcast to all dragons? You're making it sound like a dragon can only talk to one at a time. So - again - F'lar ->Mnementh -> Lessa -> all dragons, or F'lar ->Mnementh ->all dragons. The math seems simple to me.
I get what you're saying but I always got the impression that dragons didn't communicate with each other like they do with their riders. So for purposes of fighting thread or training, it would be that much more efficient to have a queen rider who HAD to do the talking. And if I remember correctly, most original settlers had at least some rudimentary psychic ability. That would explain the ability to at least hear a dragon amongst the descendants. So, for example, if a dragon "chose" to speak to Robinton, he would be able to hear the dragon. N'ton, being a dragonrider already would of course be able to hear a dragon if they chose to speak to him. I choose to believe tha any dragon but mostly the queens or bronzes can speak to anyone they choose too. Maybe even a brown if paired with a powerful enough rider.
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