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Default Re: Why was Lessa's talent at hearing dragons important?

Originally Posted by razor4466 View Post
I am new to this board and just read this post and I know it's old but here goes.
Lessa wouldn't have to get further instructions from F'lar. Not only can she talk to all dragons but I think something important is being overlooked. She can HEAR all dragons. That is the point. She isn't an intermediary. The dragons keep her on a continous update and she only has to talk to one dragon specifically (Mnementh) and then broadcasts to all dragons at once. She gets a message from Mnementh and then broadcasts to ALL dragons. You all make it sound like she has to have what we would call point to point communication. Consider Lessa like a loudspeaker to broadcast the message over a large spectrum vs. singly.
Again, why couldn't Mnementh broadcast to all dragons? You're making it sound like a dragon can only talk to one at a time. So - again - F'lar ->Mnementh -> Lessa -> all dragons, or F'lar ->Mnementh ->all dragons. The math seems simple to me.
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