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Default Re: Why was Lessa's talent at hearing dragons important?

Indy, Anne McCaffrey stated explicitly at one point that the Pern universe does not cross over with any of her other fictional worlds.

Almost anyone can hear a dragon if it chooses to speak to them. Any dragon will understand if someone speaks (out loud) to them. That is not the same as someone being able to communicate telepathically, instinctively, easily, with a dragon other than their own. Lessa can get in contact with any dragon without knowing where they are or being near them. Robinton has been surprised and honored every time a dragon has spoken to him, and it's usually one of the Weyrleaders' dragons that is familiar to him. Aramina has the same ability as Lessa, but with no brakes or controls, so that she can't turn it off - apparently Lessa can block out the dragons unless they are particularly "loud" or she is trying to tune in. Brekke is about the same, but after losing Wirenth develops much closer contact with Canth.

Moreta, in the book by that name, is only shown to communicate regularly with one dragon other than her own. However, it's become commonly accepted in fandom that the other Moreta - daughter of Alessan and Nerilka - possessed an ability similar to Lessa's, and became a Weyrwoman as well. Over the Turns, the legend of "Moreta Who Saved Pern From Plague" and the legend of "Moreta Who Could Hear All Dragons" got blurred, so that it became the legend of "Moreta Who Could Hear All Dragons Saved Pern From Plague."
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