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Default Re: Some articles useful for Dragon anatomy

I quite like this blog for all sorts of reference material for Pernese dragons. Speaking of the anatomy of the hatchlings: the more time passes, the more I think that concept piece of hatchling Ramoth is excellent work. If Pern's dragons are truly meant to be more naturally bipedal than quadrupedal, it makes sense for the hatchlings to have an easier time of it before bulking out during their heavy growth spurt.

That ungainliness so often mentioned - particularly of the hatchlings - might go a long way towards explaining why they don't fly the dragonets until a certain age, even though firelizards are precocial, and presumably Kitty Ping didn't change the gross anatomy all that much. They don't look like they can sustain flight until their sheer weight forces the forelimbs to bulk out.
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