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Default Some articles useful for Dragon anatomy

I found a website on pterosaurs that has a few recent articles that could have some clues on dragon anatomy. The articles in question have information relevant to all leathery winged flyers, not just spindly pterosaurs.

My first thought was that these would be very relevant for the science of Pern. The first article is a very good abstract on the contrast between feathered and membranous wings. Seems dragons are perfect for large-sized flyers. Then on the differences on wing thickness and the advantage of large sizes in flying animals.

Feathers vs Membranes

Thick vs Thin Wings

The Beauty of Big

Another interesting article is one comparing the growth of juvenile pterosaurs, dinosaurs and mammals. This may give some clues on the changes in dragon anatomy from hatching to adulthood. Interestingly artist usually draw baby Pernese dragons as miniatures of the adults while Anne implies they are quite different in appearance.

Comparing Juvenile Animal Development

Hope these are of use here.

By the way I finished the Pernese Pack for Zoo Tycoon 2
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