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Default Some French AMC buyers are just as nuts as the Germans

I have said on a few occasion that I don't know why the Germans pay so much for mass market paperbacks of The Dolphins of Pern and The Renegades of Pern (in their own languages). These regular mmp's fetch prices up to 50-60 euro's (77-90 dollars)! Is that nuts or not?

However, the German AMC lovers (they must be) are now well and truly beaten by the French. I still need the rench books published after The Dolphin's of Pern. This week I saw a copy offered of The masterharper of Pern. Styartig bid was 6,50 euro ($10) and with 15 euro postage to my country I thought that wasn't cheap...
I just looked and the price stands at $74,50 ($115)... for a regular, unsigned, second hand trade paperback!

I think my fellow Europeans are crazy or earning far too much money...

For the curious among you, here's the eBay link
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