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Just updated the list with several families and other things that I'd missed the first time round.

Am I the only one that finds it odd that Drake Bonneau doesn't live in the settlement that bears his name? It seems like he should be in Drake's Lake Stake, as opposed to Suweto, unless someone else later came and named their stake after the lake, but each stake is listed at the back along with Drake's Lake, suggesting it's a sort of title, so surely Drake would live at "Drake's Lake", the first settlement?

Not sure where the Haver family go - they could either be in Bordeaux or Calusa, but more likely the former.

I always found it odd that the Sea Of Azov had a settlement "courtesy of the Ostrovskys", when all Araby was supposed to be Tuareg.

It seems that basically a few people would found a stake, and then other families would move in with them.

Does anybody know what happened to the Romani settlers? I assume they're a part of the Kahrain O.A.A, cause they're not a part of the Tuareg O.A.A (which was annihilated), and the DLG states the Romanis later moved north.

I think that's all the things I meant to say for now; I might find more later though.
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