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Vienna-On-Jordan, was were the Out And About (No Fixed Location)
I think that's a misprint, cause it only says that on the map at the beginning of the book, which Hans pointed out elsewhere has varied in each publication. The back of the book only lists one family living there - the Langsam family.

I think it was intended to be a separate thing that got incorrectly labelled - mainly because none of the families listed as Out And About were anywhere near Vienna when Thread fell - the Connells were hiding in a cave in East Kahrain - and that Vienna is never mentioned in association with their names in the story, as far as I saw.

The only other stake marked with O.A.A is Stake 12: Tuaregs, and we know from DD itself that they had two main camps which they constantly shifted between, having essentially all of Araby to themselves - at the time of Threadfall, they were at their camp SW of the Paradise River, which resulted in all of them being wiped out (save for two babies placed in a small metal cabinet - found the source for that after looking again!).

On the other hand, multiple families did live at Stakes...perhaps Vienna was a sort of home that they could use if they were in the area, or return to if they got sick of wandering.
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