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Default Stake Holds

Like the maps in the various editions of Dragonsdawn, the occupant lists at the back of the book seem to be a bit scrambled - or at least, they are in my edition. Ted Tubberman is listed as living at Monaco Bay, while Jim Tillek and the Dolphineers are at Calusa. Some inhabitants aren't even listed, instead it gives a description of where things are. I'm pretty sure that the Araby listings are all over the place - First it gives the Tuareg land to some random settlers, then it doesn't mention the Sea of Azov's inhabitants, and states that Paradise River is Lake Caspian, courtesy of the Ostrovskies (which I thought were from Ierne in COP?)

Lest this gets too confusing, I'm going to make a quick list of what I have found so far. In case the names at the back are jumbled, I'm going to mark the ones not referenced in the story itself with an asterisk, and the names listed in the DLG with a "`".

AT TIME OF THREADFALL (8AL): est. 20,000.

1. Landing
Home To: All settlers without a Stake.
Inhabitants later fled north to Fort Hold upon eruption of Mount Garben & Picchu Peak.
2. Monaco Bay
Home To: Jim Tillek, Per Bagnesjo, Bernard Shattuck, & Dolphineers (Possibly Ben & Claire Byrne).
Fled north following eruption.
Jim Tillek remained at Big Island until death.
Dolphineers moved to Tillek Hold.
3. Calusa
Home To: Ted Tubberman & family, George Milan & family`.
Abandoned following the death of Ted Tubberman via felines.
4. Cambridge-On-Jordan
Home To: Cabot Francis Carter
5. Cardiff:
Home To: Bar Hamil-Jessup* (Alt. Barr & & Jess Hamil`)

6. Oslo Landing/Harbour
Home To: Gus Gustavson*`, Felicia Grant, () van-Toorn, Limpy Obrin`.
Annihilated in first Threadfall.
7. Amsterdam
Home To: Arvi Du Vieux & family, Holstrom family.
Annihilated in first Threadfall.
Holstrom family survived by Cyra Holstrom.
8. Bavaria
Home To: Radelin family & Duquesne family.
Annihilated in first Threadfall.
Radelin family survived by Catherine Radelin-Doyle.
9. Milan
Home To: Ciotti family
Annihilated in first Threadfall.
10. Bordeaux
Home To: Kwan Marceau*`, Pat and Aisling Hempenstahl & family*` (possibly Chuck & Sue Haver).
11. Vienna-On-Jordan
Home To: (Ilsa?) Langsam family*.
14. Killarney
Home To: Sean Connell & Sorka Hanrahan
Proposed but never actually settled, due to Threadfall.
0. Out And About (No Fixed Location)
Home To: Connell family, Foley family, Brendan family, Moorhouse family.
Survivors rescued following first Threadfall.
Presumably also home to Romani nomad settlers, who later moved north to Benden Hold (and possibly Lemos).

12. Tuareg Land (All of Araby is in fact Tuareg Land, but two main camps exist)
Home To: Tuareg settlers.
Main camp SW of Paradise River destroyed in First Threadfall (I'm sure I read somewhere that two babies were the only survivors - they were placed in a metal box or something - but I can't find the page).
13. Paradise River
Home To: Tim Andriadus (and family?)*`, Ben & Claire Byrne (listed by DLG at Monaco Bay), Duff*, Captain Kaarven*.
13a. Sea Of Azov
Settlement on Lake Caspian exists courtesy of the Ostrovskies.

15: Malay River
Home To: Phas Radamanth, Chuck Kimmage, Chaila/Chaika Xavior-Kimmage.
16: Xanadu
Home To: A.C. and Betty Soper & family*`, Xi Chi Yuen*, Cooney*, Duff* (possibly Steve; all others accounted for), Jepson* (probably a misprint).
17: Mexico on Maori Lake
Home To: Elizabeth Jepson`, Gunnar Schultz` (& possibly family?).

18. Sadrid
Home To: Wade Lorenzo, Athparkis, Jima, Bahka, Egend.
Newest Stakehold at time of Threadfall.
19. Thessaly
Home To: Gyorgy Logorides & family, Trury family*, Stepan Wlyadka.
One of first stakes claimed.
Decided to remain south initially, but had abandoned stake by 19AL.
20. Roma
Home To: Caesar and Ramona Galliani & family.
Decided to remain south initially, but had abandoned stake by 19AL.
21. Honshu
Home To: Kenjo & Ita Fusaiyuki & family, Vartry` (later Stev Kimmer & family).
Kenjo killed by Avril Bitra at Landing.
Stev Kimmer later moves in with Fusaiyuki family.
Fusaiyaki & Kimmer descendants ultimately evacuated from Pern.

22: Boca River
Home To: Paul Benden, Ju Adjai (Possibly Ban Larr & Mahmoud).
23: Suweto/Drake's Lake
Home To: Drake Bonneau and Svenda Olubushtu & family*.
Decided to remain south initially, but had abandoned stake by 19AL.
(DLG doesn't list Suweto, and groups Drake and Svenda at Drake's Lake)
24: Drake's Lake
Home To: Valli Lieb*`
25: Yukon/Drake's Lake
Home To: Bart Lemos*`, Saki Tiffin*, Blackie Nilwan* (Odd, Blackie has a father named Bart Nilwan, but neither's location is listed in the DLG).
DLG states that descendants of Bart Lemos later founded Lemos Hold.

26: Karachi Camp
Home To: Tarvi Andiyar, Sallah Telgar & family, Ivan Chernoff, Jivan Paramundi, Ozzie Munson`, Cobber Alhinwa`, Fritz Fremlich`.
Telgar Hold later founded by Tarvi.
27: Seminole
Home To: Cos Melvinah, Brooks family*, Peter Chernoff, Jacob Chernoff`.
Decided to remain south initially, but had abandoned stake by 19AL.
DLG states these moved to Benden (and possibly Lemos).
28: Key Largo
Home To: No inhabitants listed.
Decided to remain south initially, but had abandoned stake by 19AL.

Longwood: Tom Partrick, Bjorn Patrick` (Stake not listed, but likely with family).
Uppsala, Longwood, Lochahatchee: Bill Duff*', Andrew & Jennifer Kiersey Fremlich* (Alt. Andrew & Jennifer Kiersley` and a Fremlich?), Joe Tobin*`, Pei Pei Ting*`.
Decided to remain south when other stakes were abandoned. Was able to sustain itself due to a large native population of Fire-Lizards. Abandoned in 28AL in favour of founding and shifting to Benden Hold.
DLG states that several islanders founded Nerat & Lemos, and some moved to Tillek.

Bitkim Camp
Home To: Avril Bitra, Stev Kimmer, Nabhi Nabol, Dasha Chernoff, Purdee Mott, Tony Gale, Becky Nielson.
Inadvertantly abandoned due to inhabitants being recalled to Landing following Avril Bitra's death.
Later settled by four families whose names were used to make the acronym "Ista". Joel Lilienkamp settled here in later years, and so did Jim Tillek (I think). "Big Island" remained name as late as 28AL.
May have also been home to the settlers who worked under Nabol in a Thread-fighting squadron - it is possible that they were behind the founding of Nabol Hold.

So that's what I've found so far through quick checks. This could be useful in figuring out who ended up founding which hold, cause RSR/DE states that the Lord Holders were all important Stake Holders or something (although that doesn't explain Pierre De Courci). I've probably missed some things, but this can be edited later. Any notes?

EDIT: Updated with information from the questionably accurate lists at the back of the second DLG. Some of this is obviously wrong - last I checked, Patrice de Broglie didn't LIVE on Young Mountain - but I've added it to the list for now.

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