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Default Re: Hans 6 - Circus photographs

Hans - Your fire-eater shots are simply great! Flame is always hard to capture. You've got the detail there, while still giving enough light to illuminate the subject. I notice you're on shutter priority with a speed of 1/200 sec. Did you experiment, or was it lucky happenstance?

The horse-acrobatics shows how well-judged flash can freeze the action, while letting ambient light capture the background in just enough detail. The sequential action is well captured.

The diabolo guy is beautifully framed! Catching that precise moment is s-o-o difficult! Well done.

As for the acrobat, I didn't find the smoke excessive. In fact, I quite like it. Chašon a son gout. But the act makes me feel queasy. In my imagination, scalping is never pretty . . .

Finally, isn't it refreshing and liberating to go to public performances with no restrictions on photography?
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