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Originally Posted by Priscilla View Post
Well, this will be about our 10th visit to the parks so I think we're ready. The Haunted Mansion is a favorite, though. We're definitely getting park hopper passes and fast passes when at all possible. Test Track was closed two years ago at our last visit (changing which car manufacturer runs it) so we're curious to see how it will be different. Last time we tried the two meals a day meal plan and will be doing that again.

Thanks for the advice. You would not have known we've been before since I didn't say in the previous post.

edit: I just realized you may have been referring to the Tower of Terror ride! Oh no. I have never been on that and have no interest. Last time we were there the "kids" tricked me into going on the Rocking Rollercoaster, telling me it doesn't go upside down. Yeah, right. I have been on Space Mountain and Thunder Mountain Railroad is another favorite.
Are you planning to hit Universal Studios while you're there? It's been quite a few years since we were at both, but I really enjoyed both. When it comes to rides, I LOVE the big, fast, go-every-which-way coasters. At Universal I rode The Hulk twice, back to back. There was no line, we got off and went right back on again. SpiderMan was a great 3D illusion ride. My middle son started getting a little sick on Hulk, and SpiderMan finished him off.

If you don't like the Tower of Terror or Rockin' Rollercoaster, then don't even bother going to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. More coasters there than anywhere else in the world. The biggest majority go upside down. Mantis even goes upside down while you ride it standing up. My personal favorite doesn't go inverted, though. It's Top Thrill Dragster. 0 to 120+ mph in just under 3 seconds. Then it goes vertical for over 30 stories. Then right back down, with a twist, and back to the start. Whole ride takes about 17 seconds.
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