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Originally Posted by Priscilla View Post
For our birthdays my husband and I are giving each other IPhones. We've been dragging our heels with our old, non-internet phones but the kids said it would be a good idea for our May trip to Disney so we can get weather reports and check wait times on our favorite attractions.
Disney in CA or FL?

Cheryl, he'll be in my thoughts for the meds to kick in. I know the pain of a long term migraine. My heart goes out to him.

Mawra, what's it about? Enjoy the con.

Delia, glad you were a squeaky wheel. Here's to a quick recovery.

Return to work which keeps the sadness at bay. I'm glad my mom is no longer in pain but I miss her. In some ways, I am surprised. I love my mom but she was not always the easiest person. The other day, while driving, I told her that if she was listening she should have a good laugh on me because she was right "I miss her". She use to tell me I would miss her when she was gone and I thought she was wrong. I was wrong. Thanks again everyone.
"In dreams your spirit visits higher realms and watches over the shaping of this reality. That is why dreams have power and why sometimes they show the future."
The Secret Sky by Jeanine Berry
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