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Originally Posted by Blue Rider 16 View Post
All of those descriptions are in instants of shock, awe, or mortal danger. As ED points out, perceptions alter in such moments.
I still maintain that since Anne repeats that it only takes moments, that this is fact. It's not good writing at all if she cannot get basic information across to the reader.

If there were other quotes to indicate that it does in fact take longer, then it would be more easy to bring it down to just because of shock, but it constantly refers to only taking moments. It would seem out of the way for Anne to write about the effects of Thread being compressed to moments because of shock, but never saying how long it actually takes. So I'm inclined to think that it really does take only moments.

And there's nothing to say that burrows are just as quick as their devastation above ground. Above ground they are more free to move/wriggle/whatever, and would take things in their path down very quickly (although I see them causing the most damage in their immediate vicinity, because they don't really seem to move of their own accord, just flop around randomly). But burrowing underground would naturally take longer for something that doesn't have very effective locomotion abilities.
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