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Originally Posted by Spaceman Spiff View Post
I'm just saying that dragonriders wouldn't be NEARLY as scared-out-of-their-minds, hysterical, wetting themselves terrified as the average person, otherwise they would never hold out through a whole Fall. Of course there's fear, it would be impossible not to be afraid of something that could kill you so easily. But they seem to have more of a handle on it, and wouldn't make such outlandish exaggerations of of blinding fear as a Holder.

There may be some boastful dragonriders who stretch the truth, but they don't ALL seem like that. After all, Pern dragonriders are not the same as earth aviators
My point is that we have very few first-hand descriptions of a Thread-hit of this nature. The most detailed is from the eyes of two people who had never experienced it before and never even heard of it before.

Most descriptions of consumption by Thread actually take place in the stories immediately prior to Passes, when no one has had any first hand observation or experience in upwards of 200 or 400 turns. Most of the discussions take place in serious and apprehensive conversations where the cognizant parties are attempting to brace for the threat, or attempting to convince the non-believers of the threat. It's entirely possible a little hyperbole--whether deliberate or out of ignorance--might color the conversation.

"When is legend legend?"

Aviators don't usually embroider things out of fear, but out of boasting. And we've never known any dragonriders to be the slightest bit vain have we... And, honestly, none of us really fall that far from the tree. Aviation demands, breeds, and nurtures a certain personality type. Dragonriders would really be no different, it would just be a little more obvious because they are "chosen" through the process of Impression. Given that Kitti Ping designed dragons so well physically and mentally, wouldn't she design the dragons to choose a certain personality type? And what would she use as a model?

Flyers are notoriously and overwhelmingly, type-A, competitive, first-born, dominant, leaders, over-achievers, and ambitious. There are obviously exceptions, and not every flyer ends up as the squadron commander or as an ace. However, the general personality traits are sufficiently common they've been the subject of serious psychological study. Not every dragon-rider may appear to fit the model, but here again we have to remember: we know very few dragon-riders, and even fewer of them very well. And if you look closely, I think you'll find most of the dragon-riders do display a fair number of the traits described above.

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