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Default Re: The Size of Pern

Originally Posted by Gilluin View Post
Pern's northern continent can not be as large as Eurasia. Think about how long it would take on foot to go from Lisbon to Seoul. That would be the same as walking from Tillek to Benden Wyer. Also I can't imagine that with all that space how only 6million people are crowded.
It could quite easily be that large. Canada has a large expanse of space, but the population is concentrated along the southern edge and some areas are crowded.
With limited agricultural space and the difficulty of spreading out in the face of Threadfalls, the population will concentrate. During Intervals, it would require a concerted effort to establish a new minor hold on the edge of lands held by a major hold.

This does not, however, rule out small independent holds being scattered across the continent between the major holds. These would serve as way stations/havens for trader caravans traversing the continent. Much of the travelling would be done by sea as it would be faster.
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