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After reading "The Skies of Pern", I'm convinced that Toric is not done meddling in the affairs of dragonriders in the South and the North.

Luckily, the Harper spy (what was his name?) that had followed the Abominators knows that Toric is scheming with the last of them, and Toric will probably go down yet again, after the last Abominator's plan to destroy AIVAS also fails. Toric will be faced with some action by the other Lord Holders and be forced into giving up his Hold, going into exile, or maybe even fleeing further south to avoid his sentencing.

Toric will begin planning a long-range plan to eradicate all dragonmen from the face of Pern.

There, he will gather around him other malcontents and make guerilla strikes against the Southern Weyrs, probably starting with Honshu, since he has a long-standing grudge with F'lessan. Monaco Bay/Eastern Weyrs will also be targets of his wrath.

If Toric goes after the Weyrs, that makes it a dragonman problem, and they will insist that they have the right to engage Toric & his forces and strike back!

But how could Toric ever hope to gain an advantage over the dragonmen and their powerful dragons? Telepathic, Teleporting, and now Telekinetic dragons!

What ancient technology is still hidden in Southern's jungles that Toric could possibly use to his advantage? And those damned retiring dragonmen zipping all over Southern, hogging up all the best spots! Toric will be targeting them as well!
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