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Default Re: Weyr Book of Ista

I've just seen a post on one of the AMC facebook groups that posted the section of the Weyr Book of Ista that deals with shoulder knots - including the detailed instructions for braiding them. Wow! What a cool resource! [edit - I've figured out that they got them via Cheryl ]

I've also just realised that the canonised threadfall charts in Dragonsdawn and elsewhere that oblige dragons to fly faster than the speed of sound in order to fight a full threadfall (Ista's bronzes are the fastest on Pern! Why? Because there're more miles between every line of longitude at that latitude, so they sharding well HAVE to be...) are the creation of the Alms, not Anne herself. I feel better about ignoring those impossible details now...

Kat (or anyone else with a copy): any chance you could tell us what other little titbits of information/fill-in-the-gaps worldbuilding are squirreled away in there that we don't see in the novels themselves?
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