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Default Re: What is happening

We had a rotary clothesline down the hill from a buckthorn tree. Not a good idea! The birds would stuff themselves full of red and black berries then sit on the upper arms of the rotary clothesline - the result is an indelible dye. Fortunately there weren't rules about putting our clothesline on the front lawn, because that was the only place that it could be relocated to. I forgot the Sacred kingfishers in my list of Crescent Road birds. They came down from the next-door neighbour's when he subdivided and removed the phoenix palm that they'd been nesting in for twenty years. When the birds returned for the spring and found a tv aerial where their home had been they took up residence in our phoenix palm instead - and had their revenge by sitting on the new neighbour's bedroom roof and toot-toot-tooting from five in the morning. She rang the council to demand they be shot - I should imagine the council's answer was as rude as the bird's. Sacred kingfishers are native and protected.
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