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Default Re: My Dutch Pern Series finally complete

Of course Matt

This is the whole lot, the only Pern titles that are translated into Dutch. If you look carefully you will see three titles appear twice: Drakevlucht/Drakenvlucht (Dragonflight), Draketocht/Drakentocht (Dragonquest) and De witte draak (The White Dragon). Those were published twice due to a language reform (hence the subtle differences in the first two titles) and because Anne's original Dutch publisher (De Boekerij) got taken over by a larger one (Het Spectrum).

De Boekerij used the Steve Weston cover art and after the first trilogy published: De afvalligen van Pern (Renegades; as volume 4 in the series) and De redding van Pern (All the Weyrs; as volume 5).
Then Het Spectrum took over, republished the first three and after that went on with De dageraad van de draken (Dragonsdawn), Drakenoog (Dragonseye/RSR) and Drakenvrouwe (Moreta).
All the Het Spectrum printings got new cover art by a Dutch artist called Hans Pieko on a white background.

The Harper Hall trilogy and the titles unmentioned above were never published in translation. I asked Anne at one time if I could start translating the Harper Hall trilogy, as I thought it would be an good product to lure young Dutch readers to Pern, and she said OK but admitted that she could not demand a certain translator, just advise. So I do have a start of Dragonsong in Dutch (to show if a publisher should be interested) but doubt if it will ever be published. It is nice to know I have Anne's blessing though (I also wrote reports for her on Dutch translations)
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